Listed below are links to a number of the resource pages that you were exposed to when you attended the Deaf Friendly Certification Training. These resources are being made available to you to improve the quality of services that you are able to provide to the Deaf community!


Business Online Review Websites – This page contains a list of Online Review websites for you to consider for your business to use to collect feedback from your customers.

The Use of a Sign Language Interpreter – This page has great information on how to use a sign language interpreter. Feel free to refer this page to other businesses!

Other Website Resources – This page contains a huge list of links to other websites that are useful for you in gaining a better understanding of how to interact with your Deaf customers.

Recommend Resource – This is a feedback page if you have a resource that you think your fellow Deaf Friendly Businesses would benefit from!

Don’t forget to let us know of other resources that could be useful to your fellow graduates so that we can add it here!

The Deaf Friendly Team